16 sept. 2012 - Communiqués de Presse

16. FFP – Press release

September 16th, 2012

Parachuting World Championships, in all disciplines recognized by the International Air Sports Federation -FAI-, will take place from November 29th to December 10th, 2012 in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. French Parachute Federation, holder of six titles acquired during world championships at Menzelinsk and NikšIć in 2010, leaves with the hope to keep his titles and conquer others. It will be represented by a 79 persons delegation among which 65 competitors competing in almost all disciplines.

French Parachute Federation : the most titled French sport’s federation

Since Monique Laroche and Pierre-Bacon’s gold medals -obtained, for each of them, in combined, at the first World Championships organized at Bled, Yugoslavia, we do not count anymore the titles won by the French para- chutists athletes.

During the last world championships to Menzelinsk, in Russia, France walk off with all the titles in formation skydiv- ing -at 4, at 8, feminine and vertical- and in Freestyle, that is 5 gold medals, including a double decorated in for- mation skydiving at 4 and at 8: Mathieu Bernier.

In the 5 others disciplines which involved French competitors, they were ranked in the top 5 and go up twice on the podium, with and silver medal in canopy formation 4 way rotations, and a bronze one in canopy formation 4 way sequential. This same year at NikšIć, the freefall style and accuracy landing team won a gold medal at male indi- vidual combined, and 2 silver medals in male team combined and in male individual male freefall style discipline.

For two years, all skydivers selected in the French team, train intensely with, at cynosure, Dubai, where the French Parachute Federation wants to sit France at the head of hierarchy of nations in skydiving. It has also chosen to fo- cus on preparing for the World Championships and, then, not to participate at the European Championships in Au- gust 2012.

The accomplished work seems to pay! The French team of Canopy Formation Skydiving sequences at 2 has shat- tered the world record with 36 points in 1 minute during a jump performed in Vichy, within the framework of the French Championships where it was “out of the competition”.
From there to make it the favorite of the world…

France represented in all disciplines

From the oldest -accuracy landing- to the most recent -Canopy Piloting, also called «swooping»-, France will be represented in all disciplines excepted paraski, with, each time, a chance to get on the podium. And often on the highest step.
In combined freefall style and accuracy landing, France has registered 10 athletes -5 women, 5 men- in individual and in team.

Four team are engaged in Canopy formation, one in 4 way sequential, one in 4 way rotations, two in 2 way sequen- tial.
Formation skydiving represents the largest contingent with a team of 8 performers, two teams of 4 performers – open and feminine- and a team of vertical formation skydiving. In the artistic events, two teams are in freestyle and two are in freeflying.

Finally, France has 5 persons engaged individually in the three trials -speed, accuracy, distance- of the most recent discipline, canopy piloting. This trial meets a deep enthusiasm, by both performers, because it requires a huge mastery of piloting the canopy, and spectators presents near the airstrip, by its spectacular side.

World Championships in Dubai, from November 29th to December 10th, 2012 it’s:

  •  1.500 people registered of whom about 800 competitors
  •  Participation of 56 nations
  •  More than 10.000 jumps planned
  •  6 disciplines : Canopy Formation, Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Freefall Style and Accuracy

    Landing, Canopy Piloting, Paraski

  •  24 possible titles for France

    Press contacts : Marie-Luce Bozom : + 33 6 15 15 63 20 / Michel Jouinot : + 33 6 80 22 39 50 –

    Télécharger (PDF, 582KB)

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