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HandiFly Euro Challenge

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Du 22 septembre 2016 au 25 septembre 2016 à Lille



For a few years now, the French Parachute Federation has offered disabled people (helped by specifically qualified tandem instructors) the possibility to discover skydiving both freefall and flight under canopy. Special equipment and techniques have been successfully developed for this purpose. We have called this HandiFly.

In 2014, the FFP went a step further and held the first French HandiFly National Championships for disabled people that were held at the same time and place as the regular National Championships.

In 2015, ten disabled participants took part in this unique event based on Freefall Style: each competitor jumps with a valid tandem pilot and performs four alternate turns without any assistance from the pilot. The performance is filmed air to air by an accompanying videographer and is judged by Freefall Style judges.

In 2016, the first HANDI FLY EURO CHALLENGE will be organised and opened to the whole skydiving community in order to develop HandiFly all over Europe.

The event will essentially be a competition for disabled Europeans, but not only …

It will also be a large media event at which tandem masters will have the opportunity to learn the specific technique required to carry disabled passengers, where there will be various exhibitions and presentations and where the general public will have the possibility to discover skydiving through a “discovery” jump or a tandem jump.

To encourage participation in this special event, the French Parachute Federation will supply all delegations with :

* Free local transportations
* Free accommodations
* Free practices (skydiving, parascending and indoor slots).

For further informations, see BULLETIN #4

We would love to see you at this very special event and we hope that you will let other potentially interested people know all about it so they can come too.

Interested, curious ?
Contact us quickly and join the event!

Go to the page “Discover the skydiving with a handifly tandem master”
Take a look at the video about the development of handifly tandem in skydiving
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Clic here to watch the video made by the Haut-de-Seine county about Hayette Djennane : Beyond Disability”

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